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B2 Writing a report

cropped-writing_workshop1.pngHello again! We’ve just finished first term tests and we’re already planning and working hard towards the final certificate examinations. One of the writing genres that we will be doing is a ‘report’. A report has a very specific format that students often confuse with essays. However it has little to do with the latter even though both have some features in common such as, the use of formal language and passives,  just to mention a couple of examples. Here are some important tips for this writing model which I hope you will find useful. As usual, I have used a special and fun format to give this information. After the introduction, you’ll find a link to an activity quiz related to reports.

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Intermediate B1 speaking practice

Intermediate B1 speaking practice : ‘Our Body’

Are you happy with your appearance? Do you think we give ‘our looks’ much too much importance? Would you change any part of yourself?

Here’s a speaking activity to practise the topic of ‘Our Body’.


Intermediate B1 listening activity

Listening intermediate B1: Reading Gives you Super Powers

I remember that when I was a child, I loved reading. I still do and I sometimes wonder what other hobbies would I have taken up if I had been born in a different time when books were not as available as today. I remember going to the library in search of adventures, of different worlds on other planets, faraway lands from other times, or almost anything I could get hold of. I also remember the excitement of saving up my pocket money to get my weekly comic or a new book, and go off to somewhere quiet, mostly trying to dodge running some errand for my mum. Yep, I suppose I was some kind of ‘book worm’ and proud to say that  I still am…so I always feel a bit puzzled when somebody comes along and says that they don’t like reading…. 😦  or very, very happy when any of my students say that they enjoy it a lot and are even hooked on it.

I’ve used this really cute video created by Dav Pilkey for this listening activity about how ‘reading’ can improve our minds. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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