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Quantifiers: too much & too many with countable & uncountable nouns

Here are some tips on how to use quantifiers: too much and too many with countable and uncountable nouns. Remember that two very common errors that Spanish students make are:

  1. Get these two words muddled up.
  2. Forget that too + much/too many has a negative meaning. If you want to talk about something good that comes from having a lot, then it’s ‘a lot of ‘ or ‘lots of’. For example, What a lot of flowers! As an anecdote, I remember an email from one of my students that wrote to say that she couldn’t carry on with the classes because she had found work. She said that she had enjoyed the classes very much because I was too funny. I’m not poking fun at my dear student. I was sorry to lose her and I really love receiving emails from my groups.

Concerning the tasks to do here, first see the slide and after do the activity. For the activity, just read each card and try to guess which word you need. Then turn each card over to see if you were right.

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