Word formation Advanced C1: Never Liked Him Anyway


Looking  for some authentic stuff for my teaching syllabus, I came across the Website ‘Never liked it anyway’. This website was set up as a mean by which broken-hearted people could get rid of their pain by actually selling a ‘reminder’ of their split up relationships as well as offering them the chance to emotionally cleanse feelings by telling the story that is behind the object they wish to flog.

Many were the stories I read, but there was one that really caught my eye and provoked a spasmodic burst of laughter I found impossible to repress. As a woman who cannot believe that individuals of this type should be able to climb so high up on the social ladder, and as a woman who constantly feels insulted by his utter stupidity, misogynist interventions and vulgarity, I feel I must do ‘my bit’.

I never liked him anyway. What’s more, I think he’s absolutely loathsome. But what worries me most, isn’t that this person finds no limit in vomiting outrageous content, but the fact that he rules a democratic country and is supported by a group of people who obviously find him amusing and applaud his ‘interventions’ by giving him pats on the back along with chokes of laughter.

If we allow somebody (especially somebody in power), to insult a person who has been emotionally or sexually abused, or look the other way when he’s  mocking an impaired journalist, and refuse to acknowledge his constant curbing of human rights, we are showing the symptoms of a sick civilisation, the very one we sustain as an icon of the ethical and cultural heritage we feel so proud of.

These are no longer the times of the Roman Empire and their bloody violent circuses. Neither should political meetings be modelled on WWE RAW. He has got it all wrong and fortunately, there are many that are willing to point this out in some way or other. Someone called yesimserious wrote a post on Never Liked it anyway, and because I fully agree with the content and absolutely love her/his witticism, I’ve turned the entry into a word formation activity for my blog.

Created by blogdeserena


Read the text and  complete with a form of the word in brackets 

Activity by Serena

Post from Never Liked it Anyway by yesimserious I'M SELLING... One 1. ... (EGOMANIAC) oompa-loompa with tiny hands. In full 2. ... (WORK) condition (apparently). This clown that’s not funny and our resident-president evil, with an attention span that caps out at ten seconds is finally up for sale... We never liked him anyway. Free 3. ... (SHIP) (he has his own planes).




BECAUSE... Where to begin… Was it the 4. ... (LOUT) pussy-grabbing? Or rampant racism? Or the 5. ... (BOAST) tax evasion? Or those grandiose plans for a 6. ...  (NONESENSE) wall? Or denying climate change and its scientific foundation? Or trampling all over women’s rights like it’s the dark ages? Or was it mocking 7. ... (ABLE) journalists, peeing on prostitutes, throwing repeated temper tantrums, dropping 8. ... (DISCRIMINATE) digs all over minorities, triggering terrible tweet wars or obsessing over how big his… erm…'inauguration crowd' was?






MY BOUNCE BACK PLAN IS... Let’s make America think again. Let’s go back to inclusion, 9. ... (ACCEPT) , diversity, tolerance, innovation, science and optimism. It’s time to go forwards not back. With the money we make selling Trump, we’ll buy everyone a bowl of guacamole to celebrate our 10. ... (FRESH) recovered sanity, courtesy of our good friends south of the border.



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