2 thoughts on “A stress ball

  1. Hello Lola! Yes this is, as you say, awful and even insulting. If the authorities allow this to happen a lot of philologist and foreign language translators will not get a post as foreign language teachers as they will be substituted by history, philosophy, Catalan, etc teachers, with a C1 or C2 level certificate from the EOI. I must explain that when a graduate of English studies or a philologist completes their degree, they have to specialize in foreign language teaching by doing a ‘master’ in teaching. These new people will also have one, but for teaching their own subject, which has nothing to do with languages. It’s absolutely nonsensical!!!!!
    Why is this happening? I suppose that it’s another strategy set by certain labour unions to content people that have other degrees (as all together they add up to a huge amount), and gain support towards the future elections. These new people will have double options when choosing posts, while philologists and translators will lose the only one they have. What’s more, history/Catalan/philosophy/Spanish, etc, teachers may have been teaching their own subjects for several years and will use the points they have obtained to gain access to English/French/German language posts, which is absolutely unfair.


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