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Just giving a helping hand to the Direcció de Personal Docent de les Illes Balears

Oh my god! I’ve been excluded again for second year running from the possibility to go to the ‘OPOS’ and its all because I’m no longer European. As it seems, having been legally living in the country for three decades, having a Spanish family, and university qualifications from Spain added to the fact that I had been working at the EOI for quite a bit, is not enough. What a pity that the Conselleria can’t find the Resolution published on the 15th of December admitting that my exclusion from teaching had been a mistake! Well, no hard feelings. Fortunately for them, even though I’m pretty absent-minded, I’ve got a copy or two nicely saved on my computer that I’ll be really happy to share, in case ‘their copy’ doesn’t show up.

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