Intermediate B1 speaking practice

Intermediate B1 Speaking practice: The Natural World

Hello! Here is a little presentation to help brush up on the topic of the Natural World. The presentation was created by using Genially and wil help you remember the most important things we talked about when dealing with this topic. I hope to find some time to create some more presentations (uff! 😦 ), but anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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Intermediate B1 speaking practice: Topic Homes and Houses

home is where my heart is.jpg

Where do you live? Do you like your home? Would you change anything? Maybe you have some nice and friendly neighbours or maybe they are not so nice and spend uncountable evenings shouting at each other not letting you have your rest in peace. Do you have a cosy, snug corner ‘all to yourself’ or do you feel your home is a bit too cramped with people and furniture? Have you ever heard the saying’ my home is where I lay my cap’? What do you think that means?

Here’a presentation to help you have a nice chat with your classmates (and me too!) about your home.

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Intermediate B1 speaking practice

Intermediate B1 speaking practice – Topic Education

Do you like school? Do you still go to school? What do you remember about the school you went to when you were a child? Were you good at any particular subject?

Here’s a speaking activity created with Emaze for you to practise.

Click for activity

Intermediate B1 speaking practice

Intermediate B1 speaking practice : ‘Our Body’

Are you happy with your appearance? Do you think we give ‘our looks’ much too much importance? Would you change any part of yourself?

Here’s a speaking activity to practise the topic of ‘Our Body’.