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English vowel sounds: /ɑː/

This is video number four concerning English vowel sounds. This sound doesn’t usually involve many problems for Spanish speakers, but a little practice is necessary to avoid making the sound too long or sounding a final ‘r’. This vowel sound is a feature that distinguishes rhotic and non-rhotic varieties of English accents, meaning by accents,…… Continue reading English vowel sounds: /ɑː/

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English vowel sounds short i /I/ & long I /i:/

As a start for this year, here’s another video on English vowel sounds. This video is for short and long i sounds that are often confused by learners of English. At the end of the video you have a short listening activity to practise distinguishing the sound between two words that have a very similar…… Continue reading English vowel sounds short i /I/ & long I /i:/