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Cat idioms

White Cat by Rémi Rémino Unplash

I love cats! I just adore them and find them so cute! The thing is, cat lovers can’t understand people that view these animals as selfish and egoistic beings, that only turn to humans when they’re hungry or in need. Nothing could possibly be futher from the truth! Cats just happen to be independent and quite autonomous and perceive their relationships with humans on equal terms; where dogs usually select a leader. The differences found dog-human and cat-human relationships basically boils down to how each one of these pets used to hunt in remote times before their domestication. Wild dogs, always hunted in packs, thus they needed a leader to command and make the most important decisions. Modern-day domesticated dogs, associate their walks with an opportunity to go hunting and so, perceive their owners as the leader of the pack. While felines, usually hunted by themselves (and still do) and would usually perceive an owner as a noisy bother that will probably frighten their prey away.

In Britain cats have always formed an important part of the culture of the isles, be this having a bad name (like during the Dark Ages and Renaissance), where they were associated to witches, or be it enjoying the advantages of being the most popular pet. So, there are are quite a few idioms and phrases that use the word cat or kitten. Here you have a quiz with some of these expressions. I hope you enjoy them and find them fun.