About me

Who am I? What a question!

I’m a British citizen who grew up in Spain. Therefore, I’m a 100% bilingual in both, English and Spanish. I’m also a proficient speaker of Catalan as this is one of the two official languages of my autonomous province.

However, speaking these languages doesn’t make me an English teacher, does it? Yes, you have a point there. So I could add that I also hold a degree in English philology and a Master in education. Apart from this, I’m  a graphic and an interior designer too (this interest runs in the family, as my mother was a dress designer).

I’ve taught adults at university and different  Official Language Schools in Spain for over a decade and got into blogging  about six years ago. The initiative behind the blog was to make these contents available to all English learners in the most possibly sustainable way I could think of then. It was also a sort of resource pack that I could use in any of my classes where, I’d usually blend coursebooks with digital tools and quizzes, which always have the ability to liven up classes.

After a nightmarish year of not being able to work due to an extremely unfair exclusion by the local educational authorities (if you’re interested in the story, read the post A Tale of a battle won), I’m back to classes at the EOI Palma where I’ll be covering until my contract terminates.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find something interesting that will help you in your journey towards English.


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