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C1-C2 Vocabulary for describing clothes

What do you look like if you’re dressed to the nines? And what about being dressed to kill? In this quiz you’ll find all the expressions you’ll need for describing clothes within an advanced level.

Created by blogdeserena

C1- C2 Vocabulary for describing clothes

Here you have a huge list of adjectives for describing clothes.

Choose the best option for the blank.

Quiz by Serena

_________clothes are comfortable and not worn in formal situations.

_____________ things, especially clothes are ones which someone no longer uses because they are  old, or no longer fit and which they give to someone else or throw away.

________clothes are fashionable and attractive.

If colours ________, they look nice together.

If you are __________, you look very attractive in what you're wearing.

A _______ garment is one that has edges that have become loose and stick out.

Clothes that are bright, fashionable and attractive.

If you are dressed up to the nines...

  1. _______clothes are unpleasantly dirty.

All the rage means ...

_________clothes, carpets etc are thin and in bad condition because they have been used a lot.

Clothes are brightly coloured.

If you're wearing skimpy clothes...

_____clothes usually refers to a woman dressed in dull and unfashionable clothes. (sexist attitude?)

Your clothes are so brightly coloured they're unpleasant to look at.

Clothes and materials that are________ will stay in good condition for a long time.

You look dishevelled. That is...

Clothes are unfashionable and dull are...

__________clothes are very small and do not cover much of your body.

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