Listening C1/C2 Advanced/Proficiency

Here you’ll find some listening activities for C1 and C2 levels! The activities have been organised according to the topic.

The Natural World

Watching a video: Greenland is melting

Listening: How do you become a marine biologist?

Watching a video: The Panda who didn’t know she had twins

Food waste and what can we do about it

TED Talks Are we running out of clean water?

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest in flames

Brits first food waste and poo-powered bus

Cats uncovered

New Zealand volunteers in race to rescue hundreds of whales

Do We Really Need the Moon?

The Panda Who Didn’t Know She Had Twins


C1-C2 The Other Story Behind Brexit

Science and technology

Do We Need the Moon?

Astronomers discover seven earth-sized planets

Health, Sport and Diet

Interving nutricionist Yvonne Wake

Can you eat just one?

Santa forgot

The dangers of E-Coli

Interview Donald Williamson on Sin Tax effectiveness

Work and jobs

Tree Change Dolls

3 Rules for a better work-life balance

Homes and houses

Mike Basich’s amazing home

Art, Literature and leisure

Banksy is back

The ten strangest hobbies in the world

B2 Listening Meryl Streep’s speech at Golden Globes

How old-time skiffle liberated British rock

TED talks why should you read The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Crime and punishment

Sociopath goes to job interview

Working On the Parole Board

Knife crime on the rise in London

Shopping, fashion and consumerism

Shopping around in London

Can money buy happiness

Personal identity

How to speak to a narcissist

Language and learning

TED Talks the Benefits of a Bilingual Brain

TED Talks How to escape education’s death valley (also includes speaking activity)

Social Issues

How Urbane Farming Saved a Dallas Community

5 Reasons that justify deportation

Social Issues