Body, health, sport and diet

A1/A2 Vocabulary: food quantifier quiz

A1 Parts of face

A1/A2 Parts of the human body

B1 Speaking about sport

B2/C1/C2 Expressions with mind

C1/C2 Expressions using brain, head, mind and wits

C1/C2 Expressions with mind

A1/A2 Vocabulary: food quantifiers

A1/A2 Vocabulary for vegetables

A1/A2 Vocabulary for fruit

Science and technolgy

B2/C1/C2 Vocabulary for astronomy and the 2universe

B2 Word activity on Technology

B1 B2 Vocabulary on Technology

C1/C2 Vocabulary for biology and medical science

C1/C2 Vocabulary for astronomy and the universe

Homes and houses, cities and places to live

A1 Vocabulary for homes

A1/A2 Vocabulary quiz for places

A1 Vocabulary for furniture

A1 Vocabulary for bathrooms

A2 Vocabulary quiz for places

B2 Vocabulary on Homes & Houses

C1/C2 Negative adjectives for homes and buildings

C1/C2 Adjectives for cleanliness


A1/A2 Popular pets vocabulary quiz

A1/A2 Wild animal vocabulary quiz

A1/A2 Farm animal picture quiz

B2/C1/C2 Expressions with worm

B2/C1/C2 Animal vocabulary quiz

C1/C2 Group names for animals

C1/C2 What do you call a baby ant?

The Arts

A2 B1 B2 Showbiz vocabulary quiz

B1 Talking about films

Vocabulary activity on Art

B2/C1/C2 Performing Arts vocabulary quiz

C1/C2 Art movements and styles

C!/C2 Vocabulary quiz for arts and crafts

Personal identity

A1/A2 suffixes for nationality

A2 Personality adjectives

B2 Vocabulary activity for personality adjectives

C1/C2 Personality adjectives

C1/C2 prefix – self

The Natural World

B1/B2 The Eco-friendly vocabulary quiz

C1/C2 vocabulary quiz related to water

Family and relationships

A2 B1 Relationship vocabulary quiz

A2 B1 Family and relationships quiz

B1 Relationship Crossword

Free time and leisure

A1/A2/B1 Do, go, play or nothing?

A1/A2 Vocabulary for free time activities

A2 B1 Vocabulary quiz on hobbies and free time

Work and employment

A2 Job occupations

B1 Vocabulary quiz for work

Literature, books, media

A2 B1 B2 Vocabulary quiz for reading

B2/C1/C2 Vocabulary for literature, media, print and programmes

B2/C1/C2 Adjectives for describing films and books

Crime and punishment

B2 Vocabulary on Crime and Punishment

C1/C2 Vocabulary for crime and punishment


B1 Vocabulary quiz for education

Holiday, transport and travel

A1/A2 Vocabulary for transport

A1/A2 Verbs for using transport

B1 B2 Holiday and travel


B2 Speaking ‘Struggling in society’

Shopping and consumerism

B2 Quiz on “money words” and other related stuff

Multiple choice- Open cloze- word formation activities

A1 Activity quiz with: do – go – have – play or another verb

B2 Multiple choice quiz: Too many touts control tickets

B1 Vocabulary for relationships

B2 Multiple choice activity for entertainment.