Body, health, sport and diet

A1/A2 Vocabulary: food quantifier quiz

A1 Parts of face

A1/A2 Parts of the human body

B1 Speaking about sport

B2/C1/C2 Expressions with mind

C1/C2 Expressions using brain, head, mind and wits

C1/C2 Expressions with mind

A1/A2 Vocabulary: food quantifiers

A1/A2 Vocabulary for vegetables

A1/A2 Vocabulary for fruit

B2/C1/C2 Medical professions

C1/C2 Vocabulary quiz for illness and medical condition

C1/C2 Vocabulary quiz for sport, matches and events

Science and technolgy

B2/C1/C2 Vocabulary for astronomy and the 2universe

B2 Word activity on Technology

B1 B2 Vocabulary on Technology

C1/C2 Vocabulary for biology and medical science

C1/C2 Vocabulary for astronomy and the universe

Homes and houses, cities and places to live

A1 Vocabulary for homes

A1/A2 Vocabulary quiz for places

A1 Vocabulary for furniture

A1 Vocabulary for bathrooms

A2 Vocabulary quiz for places

B2 Vocabulary on Homes & Houses

C1/C2 Negative adjectives for homes and buildings

C1/C2 Adjectives for cleanliness


A1/A2 Popular pets vocabulary quiz

A1/A2 Wild animal vocabulary quiz

A1/A2 Farm animal picture quiz

B2/C1/C2 Expressions with worm

B2/C1/C2 Animal vocabulary quiz

C1/C2 Group names for animals

C1/C2 What do you call a baby ant?

The Arts

A2 B1 B2 Showbiz vocabulary quiz

B1 Talking about films

Vocabulary activity on Art

B2/C1/C2 Performing Arts vocabulary quiz

C1/C2 Art movements and styles

C!/C2 Vocabulary quiz for arts and crafts

Personal identity

A1/A2 suffixes for nationality

A2 Personality adjectives

B2 Vocabulary activity for personality adjectives

B1/B2 -ing and -ed adjctives for emotions

B1/B2 Expressions with mood

C1/C2 Personality adjectives

C1/C2 prefix – self

C1/C2 Vocabulary for describing bodies

C1/C2 Vocabulary for describing eyes and hair

C1/C2 Vocabulary for describing voices

The Natural World

B1/B2 The Eco-friendly vocabulary quiz

C1/C2 vocabulary quiz related to water

Family and relationships

A2 B1 Relationship vocabulary quiz

A2 B1 Family and relationships quiz

B1 Relationship Crossword

Free time and leisure

A1/A2/B1 Do, go, play or nothing?

A1/A2 Vocabulary for free time activities

A2 B1 Vocabulary quiz on hobbies and free time

Work and employment

A2 Job occupations

B1 Vocabulary quiz for work

B1/B2 People at the workplace

B1/B2 Vocabulary for describing work

Literature, books, media

A2 B1 B2 Vocabulary quiz for reading

B2/C1/C2 Vocabulary for literature, media, print and programmes

B2/C1/C2 Adjectives for describing films and books

C1/C2 Vocabulary related to language and literature crossword

Crime and punishment

B2 Vocabulary on Crime and Punishment

C1/C2 Vocabulary for crime and punishment

Education and language

B1 Vocabulary quiz for education

C1/C2 Vocabulary crossword terms related to language

C1/C2 Language vocabulary crossword

Holiday, transport and travel

A1/A2 Vocabulary for transport

A1/A2 Verbs for using transport

B1 B2 Holiday and travel

C1/C2 Vocabulary for describing voices and sounds


B2 Speaking ‘Struggling in society’

Shopping and consumerism

B1/B2 Flipping cards Verbs for clothes and accessories

B2 Quiz on “money words” and other related stuff

B1/B2 Shopping and money crossword

C1/C2 Vocabulary for describing clothes

C1/C2 buying and selling vocabulary crossword

Multiple choice- Open cloze- word formation activities

A1 Activity quiz with: do – go – have – play or another verb

B2 Multiple choice quiz: Too many touts control tickets

B1 Vocabulary for relationships

B2 Multiple choice activity for entertainment.