Speaking B1- B2

Here you will find the opportunity to practise your speaking skill with the presentations and quizzes that you have below. All you have to do is find yourself a partner with whom you can have a chat, pour yourself something to drink and click on the buttons. ; )

B1 Speaking practice Food and diet

b2 Speaking practice ‘Health, Sport & diet’

Family and relationships quiz

B1/B2 Speaking about weddings

B2 Speaking practice ‘The Natural World’

B1/B2 Speaking practice “Homes and Houses”

B1/B2 Speaking practice ‘Shopping and Fashion’

B1/B2 speaking activity: Holidays & Travel

B1/B2 Speaking about Technology

B2 Speaking about going out (at night)

B1 Speaking about homes

B1 Talking about films

B1 Speaking activity on topic Work and jobs

B1 Speaking ‘Our Body’

B1 Speaking about education

B1 Speaking about sport

B1 Speaking about families and relationships

vocabulary for hobbies