Grammar & Activities


A2/B1 Comparative adjectives -er or more +adjective?

A1/A2 Comparative and superlative adverbs

A2 Comparative structures ‘adjective + er/more + than’

A1/A2 Countable and uncountable nouns

A1/B1/B2 Adjectives Participials

A2 Personality adjectives

A1 Comparative structures ‘as+ adjective + as’

Articles a/an and the

Confusing words ‘another/other’


B1 can, could & be able to

B1/B2 The causative: Have/get something done

Conjunctions ‘Although, though, even though’, ‘despite’ or ‘in spite of’ ?

Cleft sentences

Jokes with conditionals

B2 A short lesson on conditionals

C1 Mixed conditional Cats

B1 Alternatives to ‘if’ in conditionals for Intermediate

B2, C1 Alternatives for ‘if’ in conditionals

2nd Conditional quiz

B2 3rd Conditional quiz

B2 Expressions of concession ‘although/despite/in spite of’


Dependent prepositions


B2 Future continuous The story of a homeless man and his dog

B1/B2 Future: going to – present continuous – will

B2 Future forms

Future forms for Basic and Intermediate levels

Future forms with ‘will’

Future forms for advanced


A1/A2 How much or how many?

A2/B1 Have or be?


B1/B2 Indirect questions

B2 Infinitives or -ing

B1 Infinitive, to infinitives or -ing?

B1 Infinitives, to infinitives or -ing?

B2 Grammar: Inversions

Another way to learn irregular verbs

Irregular verbs in past simple


Make or do?

B1 Modals of deduction: can’t, may, might, must

B1 Modals of obligation and prohibition

B2 C1 Modals for obligation & necessity

B2 Modal verbs for possibility, probability and logical assumptions.

B2 Multiple choice activity for entertainment.

B2 Multiple choice concession activity


A1/A2 Object pronouns


A1/A2 Video for yes/no question in the past simple

A1/A2 Past simple: for yes/no questions

A1 Past simple word order in questions

A1 Past simple in negative sentences

A1 and B1 Past simple and Past continuous

A1 Past simple ‘be’ in positive statements

A1 Past simple ‘be’ in negative statements

A1 Past simple ‘be’ in questions

A1 Past simple ‘be’ in positive, negative and question forms

A1/A2 Speaking and asking about the weather in the present simple

B1/B2 Past simple vs Past continuous en una nueva pestaña)

A2 and B1 Prepositions

B1/B2 Possessive ‘s, ‘ or of

Phrasal verbs quiz with ‘break’

Phrasal verbs with Come

Phrasal verbs with ‘cut’

Phrasal verbs with ‘get’

Phrasal verb with ‘give’

Phrasal verbs with ‘Go’

Phrasal verbs with ‘keep’

Phrasal verbs for ‘let’

Phrasal verbs with ‘Look’

Phrasal verbs with ‘make’

Phrasal verbs with ‘take’

B1/B2 Phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases for shopping and fashion

Some Grammar: Passives

B1 Past perfect past perfect continuous

B1/B2 Past tenses revision, active and passives

 Where did Christmas crackers come from?

A1/A2 Present continuous

A1 The present simple of ‘be’ positive statements

A2 The present tense of ‘have’ in positive statements

A2 The present tense of ‘have’ for negative sentences

A2 The present tense of ‘have’ in questions

A2, B1 The Present perfect simple

B1/B2 The Present perfect: yet, still, just and already

A1, A2 The Present simple

B1 Pronouns: somebody/someone/anybody, etc  The Man on the Moon

B1/B2 Pronouns: subject and object pronouns


A1/A2 Quantifiers: too much & too many with countable & uncountable nouns

B1 Question tags

A1/A2 Quantifiers for food

A1/A2 Quantifiers for food quiz

A2/B1 Quantifier too + adjective

A2/B1 Quantifier with too much and too many

B1/B2 Quantifier activity


B1 Reported speech activity

B1 Reported speech

B1/B2 Reported speech Questions

B2 Reported speech

B2 Reported speech classroom activity “Who said…”

B2 Reporting verbs for crime, punishment and blame

B1/B2 Relative clauses


Stative verbs

Different ways to use the verb stop

A1/A2 Suffixes in nationality words


B1 Tense revision


B2 “Unreal past”

A2, B1 ‘Used to’ for habits in the past

B1 Used to didn’t use to: Dandelions animation and video lesson

v – w

A2 Word order in questions

B2 Whole, all, both, none, either and neither

A1/A2/B1 Word order for adjectives

word formation activities/multiple choice/open cloze

A1/A2 Open cloze Holiday email

A1/A2 My Favourite Place for a Holiday

A2  B1 Word formation: adjectives with letter ‘y’

A1, B1 Word formation: noun or adjective?

A2/B1 Three word formation activities

B2 To DIY or Not to DIY

B2 Kurt Cobain’s Murder Investigation

B2 Open cloze: ‘How did you meet your best friend?

B2 Strange laws from around the world

B2 Word activity on Technology

B2 Multiple choice activity for entertainment.

B2 Grammar activity . Multiple choice cloze Home Education

B2 Grammar activity . Multiple choice cloze Home Education

B2/C1 The Computer says no

C1Open cloze ‘Parents Baffled by tech-savy children’

B2 Word formation activity ‘Discrimination’

B2/C2 Multiple choice cloze: The panda who didn’t know she had twins.

B2/C2 Never liked him anyway

B2/C1/C2 Why do Brits talk about the weather so much?

C1/C1 Word formation Sport Injury Prevention Tips

C1/C2 Open cloze Painkillers could affect nurturing

C1/C2 Ten Things Tourist Should’t do When Visiting London

C1 Open cloze SOS Amazon Rainforest

C1/C2 Open cloze Sin Tax

C1/C2 Multiple choice cloze: Can you be sustainable if you’re into fast fashion online?

C1/C2 Word formation A Place to Call Home

C1/C2 Word formation Cloning

C1/C2 30 Personality adjectives

C1/C2 What Doctors Won’t Do Open cloze and word formation

C1/C2 Word formation Son of Hamas review

C1/C2 Word formation When No One Is Watching–a-major-concern-in-Mallorca-quizzes