How to Videos

On this page you will find a series of practical videos that I’m setting up. These videos, have a very practical focus which means that they aim to help learners of English do something with language.

All the videos give the basic information of structures that learners will need in order to do something within a certain scope where the ideas that behind the process of making these videos, comes from classroom experience. So they are basically a tool through which students can tackle these problems without having to go into long lists of vocabulary and grammar. (I’ll do my best to keep them simple).

I’ve just started the project, so today, 04/10/21 I only have about four posted on Youtube and they are all for A1/A2, but to tell you the truth, I’m absolutely into this idea and look forward to posting quite a few videos of other levels too.

I really hope you enjoy them and find them helpful for your progress of learning English.



How to give and understand phone numbers

How to say the names of European countries in English

How to say the names of American countries in English

How to speak about your clothes (present continuous and present simple)

How to speak about your hair

How to speak about our nationality in English

How to speak about your Christmas Day celebration

How to speak about your family


How to make guesses using modal verbs