Word formation – open cloze – multiple choice cloze

Here you’ll find activities organised by topic and level.

The Natural World

B2 The environment and polar bears

C1/C2 Multiple choice cloze The Panda who didn’t know she had twins

C1/C2 Open cloze SOS The Amazon Rain Forest

C1/C2 Open cloze How can we reduce food waste at home

Human issues

B2/C1 Word formation Discrimination

C1/C2 Word formation A Place to Call Home

C1/C2 Open cloze Open Arms

C1/C2 Word formation Son of Hamas

C1 Word formation What’s it like to be an immigrant in London. An Irish Student

C2 Open cloze What’s it like to be an immigrant in London Anonymous

Holiday and Travel

A1/A2 A friendly Email My trip to London

A1/A2 Open cloze My Favourite place for a holiday

A1/A2 Open cloze A holiday email

C1 Word formation Ten Things tourists should know before visiting London


B2/C1 Word formation Never liked Him Anyway

Personal identity

A1/A2 A person I admire

Science and technology

B2 Open cloze Parents baffled by tech-savy children

C1/C2 Word formation Cloning

Health, Sport and Diet

B2 Open cloze Painkillers could effect your nurturing

B2 Word formation The Best Food for Illnesses

B2 Food nouns to adjectives -y

C1/C2 word formation Sport injury prevention tips

C1/C2 Open cloze Sin Tax

C1/C2 Bad Habit vocabulary crossword

C1/C2 Open cloze and word formation What Doctors Won’t Do

Work and jobs

Homes and houses

B2 To DIY or Not to DIY

Art, Literature and leisure

B1 Open cloze Art or Realit

Crime and punishment

B2 Open cloze Strange Laws from around the world

Shopping, fashion and consumerism

B2 Shopping and money crossword

C1/C2 Can you be sustainable if your into fast fashion online?

Relationships and family

Language and learning

C1 Multiple choice cloze School becomes first in Britain to teach English as a foreign language

C1/C2 Learning a second language can boost brain power

C1/C2 Language vocabulary crossword

Homes and houses

C1/C2 Word formation When Nobody Is Watching

Word formation

B2 Forming adverbs from adjectives