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Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Summer Holiday

This is a good song for the present continuous and vocabulary related to holidays and having a good time. The first activity is a jumbled sentence listening and the second activity is a sentence completion. Levels A1/A2

Over 640 people sing for life and solidarity during the lockdown in Spain

Over 640 amateur singers from all over Spain interpret Coldplay’s Viva la Vida in an online chorus project which aims to celebrate life and solidarity during the relaxation of the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

I can’t think of a more suitable and beautiful way to say goodbye to the visitors of the blog and my students as the classes at the EOI and examinations are coming to an end. This has been an extremely sad year where many families have been separated from their loved ones without even having the opportunity to say goodbye. And, as if this wasn’t bad enough, we’ve also seen both sides of human nature, the worst and the best, where the politicians that run our country have failed to compromise for the benefit of the people they represent.

In spite of the mentioned above, I really want to believe that reason will eventually win and bridge the gap in the same way that these 640 voices come together in one harmonious song for life, solidarity and hope.

Goodbye for the time being.

Be back soon, (wherever that may be 😉


PS Thanks for visiting the blog. I’m thrilled by the fact that it’s about to reach 100,000.

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C1/C2 Vocabulary for crime and punishment

Warren Wong Unsplash

I already had a quiz created for upper intermediate, but it obviously wasn’t challenging enough for higher levels, so I hope this one does the job as you will find approximately 60 expressions to practise with.

I’m very grateful to Collins Dictionary online where I found loads of helpful examples along with pronunciation videos. It’s a real wonder that more students don’t use this site as a learning tool because it offers valuable information for more advanced students.

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C1/C2 Vocabulary quiz for arts and crafts

Here’s a flipping card vocabulary quiz that intends to cover most of the vocabulary related to arts and crafts. Read the description or look at a picture, guess the word and flip the card to see if you were right. You have a clue on each card.

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Learning English with songs Lemon Tree

I was looking for a song with the present continous and I found this one, and it looks perfect for our isolation. and perfect for the present continous. The animation is really cute and you can see the lyrics and sing along like in a karaoke :D.

I really hope it cheers you up!

Song by Fools Garden.

TM Animations
A1 · Grammar

A1 Keeping active during the pandemic with BBC

Like in most European countries, in Spain we’re in isolation, and have been for six weeks. This means that we can’t leave the house, and those that can and those that can, have to be very careful.

But who says that we can’t do other things around the house and try to keep fit and active? Keeping active will improve our physical health and also help us cope with the worries that this situation is bringing to thousands of families. It’s no joke!

Here are some tips from BBC learning English that shows us some interesting vocabulary and uses the present continuous. What are you doing to stay active?

From BBC Learning English