Short grammar videos

B2/C1 Indirect questions

A2/B2 Introduction to passives

A1/A2 Adjectives: comparisons

B2/C1 Alternatives to ‘if’ in conditional sentences

A1/B1 BE uses

A2/B1 Future tenses: present continuous, going to and will

B2/C1 Future tenses

A1/B1 Have got: uses

A2/B1 Have + noun phrases

A2/B1 Past simple: Wh-question forms

A1/B1 Past simple: Yes/No question forms

A1/A2 Present continuous for beginners

A1/A2 Present continuous; interrogatives (questions)

B1 Introduction to Reported speech

A2/B1 Stative verbs: an introduction

Video lesson USED TO DIDN’T USE TO to talk about past events


A1 How do you spell your name?

A1 The English Alphabet

A1/A2 How to say the names of European countries

How to say the names of American countries

A1 How to speak about our nationality

A1/A2 How to give and understand phone numbers in English

A1/A2 How to speak about your hair

A1/B1 How to describe your Christmas Day

How to make guesses using modal verbs

Future continuous The Story about a homeless man and his dog