Speaking B2

Speaking topics for EOI B2

Speaking activity ‘Holidays and travel’

B2 Speaking Health, Sport and Diet

B2 Speaking Schools and Education

B2 Speaking activity – Technology and Science

B2 Speaking ‘Struggling in society’

B2 Speaking Homes and houses

B2 Speaking Clothes, fashion & consumerism

Quiz on “money words” and other related stuff

Vocabulary activity on Art

TOPIC: Art & Literature

What do you know about art? Are you artistic in anyway? Are you into art? What type of art galleries would you visit?

How would you describe art and where are the limits between art and everyday objects?

Watch this link on Banksy, Britain’s most  famous graffiti artists.

What do you know about him?

What is your opinion on what he does? Is he an artist or a vandal?

What types of messages does he convey?

Banksy is back