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C1/C2 Listening Knife Crime in London

What types of crimes are rising in your country? What are people currently worried about concerning crime?

Look at the picture below. How would you classify this list ranging from 1 to 10 according to its frequency?

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In the following listening activity, you will hear about the rise of knife crimes in London. Hear twice and choose True or False according to what you hear.

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C1-C2 London stabbing on the rise

You are going to hear news about knife crimes in London

Listen and choose True or False according to what you hear.

News from Sky News

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1) The youth in the red scarf is the person who decides what tasks will be taken out.

2) One of the members of the gang claims that his life isĀ  currently in danger.

3) Sajid Jarvis announces aggressive measures that can lead to detaining youngsters.

4) Sally Knox remains sceptical that the measures will have an effective control over the stabbings.

5) If the gang leader had the possibility to communicate with the Prime Minister, he would ask for an investment in youth programmes.

Speak for a minute

The comments below were taken from a social media. The identities and some parts of the texts have been altered. Read the comments and say how far you agree. If you were to make a contribution, what would you write? Who would you blame? And most importantly, what measure do you think should be implemented?

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