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Phrasal verbs with ‘make’

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Phrasal verbs with MAKE

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Quiz by Serena

He tried to make _____ for the mess he had made. (compensate)

That's not true. They made the whole story ____. (invented)

Arguing all day doesn't make ____ a happy relationship. (result in)

That jacket is simply made ________ you. (suits you)

We'll leave as soon as I have made myself ______.  (put on make-up)

I can't make ______ what your trying to tell me. (understand)

She's not as intelligent as some people seem to make ______. (claim)

The burglar obviously  made _____before the tenants arrived.  (leave)

After their argument, he made ________  the door. (to go in a direction)

Why don't you make ____your mind? What do you want? (make a decision)

I'm happy to hear that they made  ____ after their quarrel. (became friends again)

I could see a group of people, but I couldn't make ____ who they were. (distinguish)

He made ______ the company to his daughter when he retired. (legally give somebody something)

Our house is being made _______ a restaurant. (turned into)

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