C 2 · People, relationships & family

C1/C2 Sayings about love (or something of the kind)

A saying is an ‘expression/sentence’ that people often use to give advice or information about facts of life or experience. English, like most languages, is full of them. Some were used by English-speaking people like William Shakespeare, while others entered the English language such a long time ago that it is hard to know their…… Continue reading C1/C2 Sayings about love (or something of the kind)


B1 Extreme adjectives crossword

Here’s another wordcloud with some extreme adjectives for this level. First look up the words in a dictionary. After, try to complete the crossword. Extreme adjectives typically follow words like ‘absolutely’ or ‘extremely’ and either describe emotions or something that can cause a particular reaction, like ‘hilarious’. They are not gradable with words like ‘very’…… Continue reading B1 Extreme adjectives crossword