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Phrasal verbs with ‘take’

Here’s some help with phrasal verbs using ‘take’

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Phrasal verbs with TAKE

Choose the correct option

Quiz by Serena

Reading takes____________ too much of my time right now.  I'm far too busy these days.

The natives took_______________ the hills when they were invaded. (they escaped)

We were so busy that we needed to take ____ new staff. (hire)

He started taking her__________ to the strangest places you could imagine. 

We were taken_______________by the other team. (we lost)

The smell of the classroom took him _______ to his childhood years at school. 

Despite not knowing him at all, I took___________ him immediately.  It was like we already knew each other.

It was quite late so we took ___ for the beach. (left)

Your dress needs to be taken ____. It's far too large for you. (made smaller)

If I were you, I wouldn't try to take ___________ so much responsibility. You look tired and stressed.

I can see she takes____________ her mother. She looks just like her.

The dog was homeless, so we took him ___. (allowed him to stay at our home)

Planes take_____every few minutes. 

They took ____ two enemy bombers. (destroyed)

I've taken ____  writing children's stories (begin something)

Multinational companies sometimes try to take _____ smaller companies. Then a lot of the workers are made redundant.

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