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Idioms about work number 2


Here are six more idioms that are related to the work world. On the previous post, you will find eight more. Nearly all these idioms can be used for other situations, for instance to refer to study.

Take a look at the illustrations on the flipping cards. What do they suggest? Can you think of an idiom that is related to each one of them? Turn the cards to see if you were right or if you were close to the answer. Below you have an activity were you can match the idioms with the meaning or the situation where it could be used.

Created by blogdeserena

Idioms for work Quiz 2

Here you have a quiz with idioms  related to work

Read and choose the best option.


Quiz by Serena

This idiom is used to talk about a situation  when people  compete against each in a way that may hurt the other person.

When somebody uses this idiom they think a person in power has given work to a friend or a relative.

This idiom can mean to start working in a determined way.

This idiom refers to working very hard.

This idioms means to be able to make decisions quickly.

This idiom is used to criticize a situation.

Used to refer to finishing the most important part of a task.

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