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B1/B2 Questions in reported speech

Basically speaking, we use two different sentence structures for reporting questions in reported speech. This depends on the type of answer that the speaker expects: Wh-questions and Yes-No questions.

Wh-questions want information about:

Who for a person

Example: “Who is your partner?” She asked me who my partner was.

When for a time

Example: “When do you get up?” She asked me when I got up.

How for a method or a quantity like in how much or how many

Example: “How did you get to work yesterday?” They wanted to know how I had got to work the day before.

Which for options or choice

Example ” Which car are you getting?” My brother asked me which car I was getting.

What for missing information concerning many other items that can include people, time, place, animals, situations, etc.

Example ” What holiday plans do you have?” She wanted to know what holiday plans I had.

Yes-No questions want an answer that could be either yes or no.

For Yes-No questions we use whether or if. It’s the same difference, we can use both forms.

“Do you like coffee?” He asked me if/whether I liked coffee.

” Have you seen Sarah today?” They wanted to know if/whether I had seen Sarah that day.

Pay attention to these three aspects concerning reported questions.

a) We don’t use question marks in reported speech.

She wanted to know how I had got to work that day? She wanted to know how I had got to work that day.

b) We use statement word order. So, no inversion.

She asked me when was I going to the party. She asked me when I was going to the party.

c) We don’t use auxiliaries.

The woman asked me where did I live. The woman asked me where I lived.

Here’s a video with a lesson on reported questions. After, you can do the quiz (If you dare, I mean : )

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B1-B2 Reported speech Questions

Choose the correct option.


Activity by Serena

Which is the correct option?

Which is the correct sentence?

Which sentence below reports the question correctly?

" How many languages do you speak?"

Complete the following sentence in reported speech. TomĀ  "Is it raining?"

Yesterday Tom asked me ......raining


Complete the following sentence in reported speech. "Which train did you take?"

My mother asked him which....taken.

Complete the following sentence in reported speech. "How many times a week do you go to the gym?"

My dad wanted to know how many times ... the gym

Complete the following sentence in reported speech. "Has he gone to London?"

My grandmother wanted to know if he....London.

Complete the following sentence in reported speech. "When are you holding the party?"

Last week my twin sister wanted to know when ....... party.

Complete the the sentence so it means the same as "Where have you been?"

They asked me where .......been?

Which sentence is correct?

Speaking practice

In pairs

When was the last time somebody asked you questions or wanted to know something?

Look at the pictures of different situations. Choose two and tell your partner. Start by giving some background information such as: who this person is and why you were speaking to this person. Then report the questions to your partner. Use reported speech.

The pictures represent: a job interview, a parents’ meeting at school, a medical appointment, a chat with a neighbour and a police officer.

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