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C2 The Other Story Behind Brexit

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Many of my students constantly ask me what I think about Brexit and if this will affect me as a British person living in Spain to which I obviously answer that I AM quite concerned. But what I’m really interested in is how all this Brexit issue fits in with the idea of globalisation and free trade, so here’s a video activity that explores another, very different side of the story.

The video reports on interests that have little or nothing to do with ‘getting back the control of the UK’ and was released just before the elections in May. I think it’s really interesting and wish I had seen it earlier.

I’ve used the video to set up listening activity for Advanced and Proficiency level students. You may want to do the vocabulary quiz activity first to be able to cope with the video and after click on the listening activity that you will find underneath the vocabulary quiz.

The video is from Pindex youtube channel

Below you will find the button for a multiple choice listening activity.

Created by blogdeserena


You are going to watch a video about 'the other side of the coin to Brexit'.

Select the best option according to what you hear.

Video from Pindex

Activity by Serena.


1.The major part of public expenditure is decided by ...

2.According to the video, what is the government's position concerning immigration from the EU?

3. According to the speaker, which of the following laws passed in the UK are unpracticle?

4.Brexit is found appealing for ...

5. Which issue isn't mentioned as one of the proyects of the EU?

6. What is the Financial Secrecy Index?

7.What does the video mention about Africa?

8. What do some members of the Conservative Party think about the NHS?

9. The mayor criticism towards the Initiative for Free Trade IFT on the video states that...

10. According to the video, misinformation about Brexit is going to harm...

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