B2 Writing a report

cropped-writing_workshop1.pngHello again! We’ve just finished first term tests and we’re already planning and working hard towards the final certificate examinations. One of the writing genres that we will be doing is a ‘report’. A report has a very specific format that students often confuse with essays. However it has little to do with the latter even though both have some features in common such as, the use of formal language and passives,  just to mention a couple of examples. Here are some important tips for this writing model which I hope you will find useful. As usual, I have used a special and fun format to give this information. After the introduction, you’ll find a link to an activity quiz related to reports.

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Writing a report

Choose the best option

Activity by Serena

What does the picture represent?

What does the picture represent? 

 Which extract is more formal? A or B? 

A) More litter bins won't solve the problem - there are always plenty of these, but most people ignore them. What we need is an awareness campaign...

B) Having more litter bins will not solve the problem as many units have been distributed throughout the neighbourhood and people tend to ignore them. Within this, it is possible that an awareness campaing may be the solution...

What does the the text below represent? 

The purpose of this report is to assess how environmentally friendly St Peter's School is.

Which heading would you think suitable for the following? 

'Although' in the following extract is a discourse marker. What type of idea does it convey? 



What aspects have been mentioned in the extract? 


Which extract would you include under the heading of 'Water usage'? 

What part of a report is represented in the picture?


How many different sections can a report have? 

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