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Vocabulary quiz for the performing arts

Read the description and try to guess the correct option.

Created by blogdeserena

C1/C2 VOCABULARY QUIZ For performing arts

Choose the correct option

Activity by Serena

Noun: the people that have a role in a film/play/serial.

Noun: a piece of music for one instrument or an instrument and a piano divided into four parts.

A period of time that you spend working somewhere.

an occasion when you see a film or play before it has been released

an experienced person who helps and advises a person with less experience

A collection of pieces of music taken from different places and put together.

Encouraging you and making you want to do something or feel something.

a collection of tracks belonging to the same CD

Adjective: well known for being bad.



Noun: a person that does the difficult or dangerous scenes in a film.

a person that stands in front of musicians and directs their performance 


Adjective: strange or unpleasant way of combining with other things.

Box office


the person who shows people where to sit in a public place.

the lead

The quality of being average or not very good.

nervous feelings experienced by performers before acting.

stage .....

a place where people train and learn to become professional performers.

... school

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