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B2 Phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases for shopping, money and fashion

Is it pay up or pay with? Wrap up or wrap about? Uf! We all know that English prepositions drive us crazy and I don’t mean “the good type of craziness”.

Now that we’re heading towards a unit that deals with money and shopping, we’re going to need some useful phrasal verbs. This quiz can be used as many times as necessary in order to learn new ones and brush up on the ones that learners are already familiar with. It’s a bit longish, but it does include most them.

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B2 Phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases for shopping, money and fashion

Activity by Serena

Coats have been marked __ from $100 to $80.

A.Would you like me to wrap _ the books?

B.Yes please. They're a gift.

Can you stop at the supermarket. We've run _ of milk. I can't have a coffee now.

$10 for a pint of beer! They've ripped us __! (charged us far too much)

She dressed __ for the party and wore her best dress.

Sarah dressed __ in her old, faded jeans. She couldn't care if they thought she didn't look smart enough for the event.

His company hires ___ motorbikes to tourists

I got her to knock $10 ___ the regular price for the pair of leather boots. I got a real bargain!

The evening dress was knocked __ from $200 to $150.

If something is _ the market, it's available.

It's a pity the shoes don't fit you. I'll take them _ this weekend.

I can't afford that new suit. First I'll have to take __ some money from my savings.

Her new novel was sold __ in no time. (they were all sold)

Their house has been __ sale for six months. It seems that nobody wants a house in this area.

Finally, after a lot of striking, the company paid __. So the workers got their wages.

I always like to shop __ before buying anything. In that way I get the best deals.

A product that can be used is __ offer.


The customers had to queue __ for ages and ages. They were so annoyed!

When you wear clothes you put them _

Thanks for lending me the bus fare. I'll pay you ___ tomorrow.

As soon as I get a new job I'll pay __ all my debts.

Phew! The prices of that new restaurant were really expensive. I've been cleaned ___ (I don't have any money now)

Please fill ___ the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Button __ your shirt. You shouldn't be looking scruffy for the meeting.

Don't worry. I can set the trousers __ for you until you come back. (I'll keep them for you)

His new CD is __ sale. You can buy it now.

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