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C1 Written mediation: Reliable information

I’m not teaching C levels this year, but as I’m doing one of these IBsteam courses (accreditation for technological skills), I couldn’t keep myself from producing this linguistic mediation activity.

In this mediation, students should be able to cope with two tasks that are closely knitted.

One part of the mediation is to explain the joke where Abraham Lincoln is warning people against the reliability of content found on the net.

A second part of the task is to give some tips related to finding reliable information. I’m aware that there’s quite a bit of info included on the sheet, but what students would actually have to do is rephrase it clearly.

For those that do not get the joke, Abraham Lincoln was president of the US from 1809 to 1865 and obviously knew nothing about the Internet. In this sense, the quote results in a curious paradox, basically because people are being advised to be wary by a person who was living in an era where computers hadn’t even come into existence.

I hope you find it useful. And yes, of course you can use it. But please, as usual, thanks for giving me the credits, after all, I did spend a whole afternoon putting it together. (I even scanned my phone :S !).

BTW, you can download the document. It’s free until the authorities finally manage to kick me out of the system. If that ever happens, I’ll have set up a “Buy Me a Coffee” :S

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