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B1-B2 Phrasal verbs for Paying and Owing money

Hi there everybody!

Here you have a little quiz with 13 phrasal verbs related to  paying and owing money.

As usual, read the questions, or the description and guess which is the missing preposition. By the way, in this  activity   you’ll have an example that will help you get the correct guess.

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B1-B2 Phrasal verbs for paying and owing money

Activity by Serena

To calculate an amount of something that is necessary.

Let's work ___ how much we need for the rent.

 To pay money that you owe, especially when you do not want to.

Tom had to pay ___ eventually, because the workers went on strike.

To buy something because it will be useful for the future.


 I've invested ___ a little plot of land. I think that the prices will go up so  I think I’ll be able to sell the land for more money  in a few years.

To reduce something to a lower level.

That clothes shop usually brings ____ the prices twice a year.

If you do this, it means that you owe a lot of money.

We ran ___ a huge phone bill.

 To give back all the money that you owe.

 I'm trying to pay ___the mortgage.

To make an amount smaller.

Hospitals are cutting ___ on staff.


To increase the cost of something.

The landlady keeps putting the rent ___.

If a price comes ____ it gets lower.

Wait until prices come ____ before you buy.

To give someone the money that you owe them.

 Can I borrow £10? I'll pay you__ next week.


To keep something for a special purpose.

 We set ___ a little money each month for a holiday in Majorca

To have a particular amount of money to buy what you need.

 I don't know how you manage to live on__ only 200 euros a week.

To  charge someone too much money for something.

 Some banks have been ripping people ___ for years.

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