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Referring back to the post “Facial Expressions 1,” English has an enormous variety of vocabulary that describes a myriad of facial expressions or actions done with our faces. Some of which are even frowned upon, such as ogling somebody. In this post, you will learn six new expressions, and you can also watch what some sneaky eggs did on my kitchen countertop while I wasn’t looking. 😉

grin /ɡrɪn/
Is to smile.

He didn’t answer and just gave me a mischievous grin.

stare /steə(r)/
To stare at something or somebody is to look at them in a fix way for a long time.

Don’t stare at people! It’s rude!

gape /ɡeɪp/

To gape is to look at somebody or something with your mouth wide open because you are surprised or shocked.

All the neibours just stood there gaping at her new sports car.

leer /lɪə(r)/
To leer at somebody is to look at them in an unpleasant way because you are thinking about something evil or because you are sexually interested in this person.

ogle /ˈəʊɡl/

ogle (somebody) is to look hard at them in an offensive way, usually showing sexual interest.

Tom was not in the habit of ogling women.
gawk /ɡɔːk/

This verb means to stare and somebody in a rude and stupid way.

Stop gawking like that at our new employer. Whatever will he think?

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