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English Idioms: Left Out in the Cold

Ooooh! All this cold rainy weather has brought this idiom to mind. This video will explain what the idiom means along with two examples of use. I really hope you like the video because I’m thrilled with my animations. I suppose I could almost say ‘No tengo abuela’ Ha, ha, ha!!!

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English Idioms A Skeleton in the Cupboard

Hi! I’m back with another fun video (well, it’s meant to be fun anyway ). This one’s for the idiom A Skeleton in the cupboard/closet. This idiom actually has an almost humorous use, but I couldn’t find the right type of music, so I hope it doesn’t make you jump out of your skin. (that’s a good one!).

By the way, I had to upload it as Youtube detected that the laughter I used was from the album Thriller! That laughter belonged to Vincent Price! I mean, how can somebody own somebody’s laughter? Ridiculous! Anyway, it took me ages to find it and I had to make a horrible change, such a pity! (it now sounds more like Eddie from Iron Maiden)

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Idioms English Idioms and Expressions that Include Blue

Hi there! I’ve just finished a video that includes quite a few idioms and expressions that have blue in them. I’m gradually getting better at animating and putting all the bits together, but still need to do some work on editing audio files (sorry about this, but I know that I’ll finally get it right 🙂 ). Anyway, I hope you find the video useful. You can also do a short quiz after watching the video.

Photos from Pexels and drawings and animations by me on Krita.

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Idiom Between the devil and the deep blue sea

I was wanting to start creating videos that cover English idioms so much, that I’m thrilled to announce that here’s the first of, hopefully quite a few. If you have been learning English for some time, you will already know what an idiom is, but if this is not your case, an idiom is an expression or rather, a group of words whose meaning is not related to what the sentence seems to communicate. In this video, you’ll find the idiom “Between the devil and the deep blue sea”, which means to find yourself in a difficult situation where the alternatives that can allow you to escape from this situation, are not very good. In my second language, which is Spanish, this idiom would be something like ‘estar entre la espada y la pared’. Do you know a similar expression in your language? If you do, I’d really love to hear about it.

PS. I need to improve the audios as it sounds as if I were speaking on the phone.

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C1-C2 Selling and buying vocabulary crossword

Happy dosh

We’ve just finished the unit on consumerism, and then ooops! I start panicking. Does my group know all the words they need to know? Just in case, here’s one of those crosswords they seem to absolutely hate, along with some coins that insisted on saying hello (just to cheer them up a bit). You’ll also find the keys to the crossword below.