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Negative prefixes for adjectives

What is it, un-, in-, dis- or im- for abashed? Eeeeks! There are some rules for word formation concerning adjectives such as ir- if the word begins with r like in responsible = irresponsible and im- for words that begin with a p or b like possible=impossible, or prudent=imprudent, but this sometimes needs some practice…… Continue reading Negative prefixes for adjectives

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C1/C2 What Doctors Won’t Do…

Use of English activities Image by Danilo Alvesd Unsplash Are you one of my type, meaning that you’d ditch the doctor unless you found yourself at death’s door or are you more of the hypochondriac type that literally lives surrounded by huge piles of medical prescriptions? Are you leery of medical treatments or do you…… Continue reading C1/C2 What Doctors Won’t Do…

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C1-C2 Word formation ‘A Place to Call Home’

Sing for Shelter’s new Christmas single: ‘A Place to Call Home’. Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness by providing advice, support and legal services, making sure that one day, no one will end up without a roof above their head. PS So proud to say a member of…… Continue reading C1-C2 Word formation ‘A Place to Call Home’