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Negative prefixes for adjectives

What is it, un-, in-, dis- or im- for abashed? Eeeeks! There are some rules for word formation concerning adjectives such as ir- if the word begins with r like in responsible = irresponsible and im- for words that begin with a p or b like possible=impossible, or prudent=imprudent, but this sometimes needs some practice and of course, a lot of reading to get these rules under our belts. Here’s a short quiz with 18 adjectives to help you do some brushing up on word formation. By the way, it would be unabashed.

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Negative prefixes for adjectives

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to negative prefixes


Quiz by Serena

... gracious

... appealing


... abled

... advantaged


... plausible

... ashamed

... defatigable

... appropriate

... delicate

... affected

... courteous


... grateful

Not following orders.

... obedient

... agreeable

... apologetic

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