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B2 Flipping cards: personality adjectives

Classes have just started and we’re going to get to know a little about each other. For this second class, we’re revising and learning personality adjectives. In this activity, you will see an illustration and a stem word as a clue to the adjective. Try to guess the word and write how you think it…… Continue reading B2 Flipping cards: personality adjectives

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English idioms: a sinking heart

Yes, I agree. You won’t need to reach an advanced level of English to guess the meaning of this idiom. Here’s a short video and an example that you will be able to listen to. P.S. Doesn’t the little heart make you feel sort of miserable?

People, relationships & family

B2 Speaking practice Weddings

A B2 speaking activity with Ai generated questions and Serena-generated drawings to cover some questions related to weddings. Today, 12/09/2023, I’ve added some movement and music to the presentation. The video won’t stop playing unless you press the pause button, but I honestly think that the result is worth it. Let me know what you…… Continue reading B2 Speaking practice Weddings

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C1/C2 Sayings about love (or something of the kind)

A saying is an ‘expression/sentence’ that people often use to give advice or information about facts of life or experience. English, like most languages, is full of them. Some were used by English-speaking people like William Shakespeare, while others entered the English language such a long time ago that it is hard to know their…… Continue reading C1/C2 Sayings about love (or something of the kind)

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B1 The manners quiz

My father always said things like ‘Little words go a long way.’ And things of the kind. We were always expected to say ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ and you’d easily see your grown-ups throw a fit when this was not the case because having good manners was something that was required from children and adults.…… Continue reading B1 The manners quiz