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C1 Word formation What’s it like to be an immigrant in London – An Irish student

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What was it like to be an immigrant for the Irish student?

I have adapted a text for the purpose of creating a word formation activity for Advanced levels (or also strong B2s). Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in capitals.

Created by blogdeserena


C1 Word Formation An Irish student in London

Read the text and  complete with the correct form of the word in capitals.

Adapted from The Guardian

Activity by Serena

An Irish Student
After dropping out of university, I busked  with a string quartet in Dublin  to fund my move to London in 1993. I came and stayed with school friends who had summer jobs in the city.  I soon found a scruffy 1)___(BED) to rent, and a job as a 2) ____(MAID), working six days a week for low pay. I'm fortunate in that I've never needed to apply for benefits, but I've benefited from 3) ___(PUBLIC) funded institutions in Britain – as a student and as an employee at universities and in the NHS. I've also worked 4) _____(SEA) in humanitarian aid for a British NGO. I've almost always been made welcome  5) ___(SOCIAL) and when I've applied for British scholarships and jobs. I've sometimes been in the room when people have spoken 6) ___(PEJORATIVE) about immigrants, seeming to forget that I am  one. I now live in the south-west and work for a university, doing research on how to improve health and teaching 7)___ (MEDIC) students.








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