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Quiz on “money words” and other related stuff


This quiz has a lot of questions related to vocabulary that is often found confusing, in other words… a lot of false friends.

Created by blogdeserena

Vocabulary related to money and value

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to money and value


Quiz by Serena

At the auction, the highest ___for a painting was $200.

I love the __of his voice.

The salesperson made me an offer I couldn't ...

The bank manager decides who is ___of a loan.  (can have it granted)

You you get the correct __?

No problem. You can pay in...

The company made a healthy ___on the deal.  (made a lot of money)

My sister spent a __on clothes for her holidays.

There are numerous ____artefacts in the museum.

They have frequently lived beyond their...(spend more than they should)

You can buy this now ___and pay later.

I'm __! I've spent everything at the sales.

The bank manager is a person of __and influence.

The ring is __but is has sentimental value to me. (it doesn't cost much)

I couldn't believe my __when I found $10 in the street.

She'll need a bank ___if she wants to buy a new car.

The house is up for... (an event where the person who offers the most money gets the product)

You look happy! I can see you got a good __at the sales.

Every day, it gets harder and harder to make __meet.

The purpose of industry is to create...

A lot of people buy clothes during...

Dorothy was absolutely __. Her father had refused to answer her letters.

Many emigrated to Australia to seek their...

Despite the high __ of living. London is a great place to live.

These jeans are on __ at my favourite shop

Nowadays many people find problems to _a decent salary.

The system of money that countries use is called....

He would welcome anybody who wanted to put__into his business.

My mum has a lot of ___jewellery.

David is so___. He never pays anything when we go out for a drink.

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