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C1/C2 Vocabulary for types of books

Once upon a time this activity was a flipping card quiz, but it was far too long and so I’ve broken it up into smaller chunks of words. In this new version, you’ll only find types of books according to what the plot is about or the intentions behind it. Just look at each box, try to guess the word, and after put the mouse over the box to see if you were right. Another way to use this activity, is to read the descriptions and after see how many of them you can remember.

Here’s a quiz

Created by blogdeserena

C1-C2 Vocabulary quiz for the press

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to the press and the people that work in this area.

Choose the best option. 


Quiz by Serena

A small advertisment that people put in a paper to find a lover or meet people.


A part or a newspaper or magazine in which someone gives advice to readers who have written to them about a personal problem.

An article in a newspaper that expresses the editor's opinion on a subject.
All the papers deal with the same subject in their _______ 

The part of a magazine or newspaper that you can take out and read separately.

Last month's issue came with a colourful

The words written under or above a picture in a book or a newspaper is called a _____.

An article that has been cut out or a newspaper or a magazine.

She had stored all the ______about the case.

A report sent to a newspaper from a journalist who is in another country.

Yet another_________from the war zone was sent by him.

An article or advertisement in a newspaper or magazine that usually covers more than one page.

The article continued with a double-page______ on the next pages.

A writer who does a lot of low quality work in newspapers or magazines.


A newspaper usually printed on large papers that are considered more serious than smaller papers. A _________

The number of people that read a particular newspaper or magazine.

In its new format the magazine hopes to hold a wider _________.

Appearing once every two months or twice each month.

A________ newsletter.

A monthly or weekly printed issue that come with a shiny cover. A _________

A person who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine, etc., and decides what should be included.

One of the several parts of a story that is published or shown at different times.

The story finally ended after 200 ________

An article of somebody's life and achievements published soon after they have died.

An_______ will appear in a future issue of this journal.

Relating to newspapers that have small pages, a lot of pictures and mainly, a lot of gossip.A ________

Relating to the pictures or photos that are prepared for books, magazines or newspapers.

Let me know when you think the _______will be ready.

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