B2 · Vocabulary

B2 Multiple choice quiz: Too many touts control tickets


B1 · B2 · Grammar · phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs with ‘Look’


B2 · writing

B2 Writing a letter of complaint


Only two days to go before my  Advanced students sit their written tests. Here’s a letter of complaint activity related to the topic of Homes and Work to help cover this type of assignment.

Good luck!!

B2 · speaking

Speaking topics for EOI B2

Hi! Here’s a presentation to go over the ten topics for the Advanced level of the EOI

https://app.emaze.com/@AQWFRQOW/b2-speaking-topics?autoplay&hidebuttons<a href=”https://www.emaze.com&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”//resources.emaze.com/mypres/css/images/embed.png” alt=”Powered by emaze” style=”margin: 5px; border: none;”></a>”>Click



B2 · Vocabulary

B2 Vocabulary on Homes & Houses


B2 Grammar

Dependent prepositions

Certain adjectives, nouns and verbs take a preposition after the word in the sentence. Some, in fact take more than one and the meaning can be similar or very different. Unfortunately, there are no rules for these prepositions and the best way to learn them is by noticing them and trying to use them as frequently as possible. But not everything is bad news and a dictionary can help you with this tedious part of the English language.

Here’s an activity for some practice but there are as hundreds of other formations so, remember to look for these samples when reading.