C 2 · Workplace & jobs

C1 Word formation What’s it like to be an immigrant in London – An Irish student

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com What was it like to be an immigrant for the Irish student? I have adapted a text for the purpose of creating a word formation activity for Advanced levels (or also strong B2s). Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in capitals.

B1 · Grammar · video

B1/B2 Questions in reported speech

Basically speaking, we use two different sentence structures for reporting questions in reported speech. This depends on the type of answer that the speaker expects: Wh-questions and Yes-No questions. Wh-questions want information about: Who for a person Example: “Who is your partner?” She asked me who my partner was. When for a time Example: “When…… Continue reading B1/B2 Questions in reported speech

C 2 · Media, arts, literature & entertainment

Flipping cards Vocabulary for The Press & Media

Image from the Daily Mail Before flipping the cards, you may want to take a peep at the wordcloud that you’ll find linked to the button. Thanks Cristina, I love it!!!! WORDCLOUD HERE! Guess the word and turn over the cards to see if you got it right.

C 2 · law & crime

Confusing words: rob and steal

Hi there! I’m back with some innovations. This is the first one I’m going to try out, that is, creating a quiz with the plugin Quiz Cat. Some of you will somehow be a bit surprised that I should place the category of these two words under B2 and C2, when it’s almost obvious that…… Continue reading Confusing words: rob and steal

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C 2 · People, relationships & family

C2 Vocabulary for describing sounds and voices

Here are two different quizzes that will enable you to brush up on vocabulary that you can use when describing voices and noices (very important when writing a narrative, for instance). If you hiss at somebody, you’ve said something to them in a low and angry way. If you chirrup, you’re probably in a good…… Continue reading C2 Vocabulary for describing sounds and voices