Listening intermediate B1: Reading Gives you Super Powers

I remember that when I was a child, I loved reading. I still do and I sometimes wonder what other hobbies would I have taken up if I had been born in a different time when books were not as available as today. I remember going to the library in search of adventures, of different worlds on other planets, faraway lands from other times, or almost anything I could get hold of. I also remember the excitement of saving up my pocket money to get my weekly comic or a new book, and go off to somewhere quiet, mostly trying to dodge running some errand for my mum. Yep, I suppose I was some kind of ‘book worm’ and proud to say that  I still am…so I always feel a bit puzzled when somebody comes along and says that they don’t like reading…. 🙁  or very, very happy when any of my students say that they enjoy it a lot and are even hooked on it.

I’ve used this really cute video created by Dav Pilkey for this listening activity about how ‘reading’ can improve our minds. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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