B1 Extreme adjectives crossword

Here’s another wordcloud with some extreme adjectives for this level. First look up the words in a dictionary. After, try to complete the crossword. Extreme adjectives typically follow words like ‘absolutely’ or ‘extremely’ and either describe emotions or something that can cause a particular reaction, like ‘hilarious’. They are not gradable with words like ‘very’…… Continue reading B1 Extreme adjectives crossword


10 Christmas Tongue Twisters

It’s almost Christmas and I haven’t seemed to find the right Christmas ad I usually post around this time of the year. Maybe it’s because I feel a little p…. off and don’t feel Christmassy yet. In any case, I’m going to be doing some Christmas tongue twisters as a way in which learners can…… Continue reading 10 Christmas Tongue Twisters

People, relationships & family

B1-B2 Wordcloud & crossword Relationships

Look at the wordcloud and find out the meaning of as many words as you can. Some of them are for a more colloquial context and some of them are a bit higher than a B1, but I think they are fun to learn anyway. After, do the crossword and see how many correct answers…… Continue reading B1-B2 Wordcloud & crossword Relationships

A1 · songs

A1/B1 Learning English with songs: Lonely Day by System Of A Down

I chose this song to practise superlative structures because the lyrics are absolutely crystal clear, (quite surprisingly as SOAD is an Alternative heavy metal band). It’s true that it may not be a good song for those who feel a little depressed, but if you’re into this type of music, I’m pretty sure you’ll find…… Continue reading A1/B1 Learning English with songs: Lonely Day by System Of A Down