Upper intermediate B2 vocabulary for entertainment

I know. We covered this topic before Christmas holidays but there are so many good reasons for doing an activity on this topic again. Maybe, you need to revise some phrasal verbs, or notice the different uses for words such as ‘public’ ‘spectators’ ‘audience’. Maybe you’ve forgotten some of those ‘so +adjective’ and ‘such a +adjective’…I don’t know. Here’s sort of mixture with many of the things that you can come across when doing a multiple choice cloze activity. Good luck!

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Intermediate Vocabulary quiz for entertainment

Here you have a vocabulary quiz related to entertainment.

Activity by Serena



I always spend a lot of time browsing in the historic novel_____ in bookshops

The film was such a great success that it was_____four times. 

I ______Mary's offer for lunch for next Saturday.

Famous people often receive letters from their____

My grandfather's favourite radio programme is___at eight o'clock. He never misses it.

Do you think he'll sign me a/an ______if I ask him?

The beautiful music_________my attention immediately.

The singer got a(n) _____round of applause when he finished his performance.

Cordoba is full of_________history. It's such an interesting city!


William Shakespeare wrote hundreds of plays. He was a very productive ______

My brother always takes part in song _______. He's got such a wonderful voice.

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Vienna is famous for its opera____.

Our friend offered to ___ us around the ruins as he knows the city very well.

In museums it isn't ______ to touch the artifacts.

My interest in TV programmes has____in the last years. I find it more and more boring

A crowd of_____ gathered around the scene of the accident.

I've never seen this group on _____ before.

The ______was/were clapping for five minutes.

Mozart is regarded as one of the most important _________ of all time.

I love rom-coms. I always to to the _______ when a new one comes out.

The film _______ Brad Pitt as a German spy.

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