Listening intermediate B1 activity: Tiny homes

The building of ‘tiny homes’ is becoming more and more popular in places such as USA, and the UK. Some people even buy themselves an old bus and reconvert it into the most incredible home you could possibly imagine. Can you imagine getting out of bed and driving to work without so much as putting your foot out of the door? Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Well, with the recession going on and on, we may have to start thinking about a similar solution because, I really don’t know what buying a property will be like in some countries but in mine, getting on the ‘property ladder’ is becoming almost impossible. Anyway, here’s a listening activity about a beautiful holiday spot in Quebec whose owner  has set up some tiny homes for holidaymakers. Wow! I wish I could fly over there for a break! It looks SO lovely and relaxing. Don’t you agree?

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Pre-listening Tiny Homes

Choose the correct answer.

What is a ceiling?

What is a cabinet?

What is a four-burner stove?

What is a loft?

What is a railing?

Created by blogdeserena

Intermediate Listening Tiny Homes



You are going to watch a video about very small holiday homes in Quebec.
Say if the following statements are true or false.



1.The man says that they stayed at this house for some days.

2. A friend has invited them to stay at the house.

3. This is the biggest cabin out of the three that the owner has.

4.If you travel a quarter of a mile, you will reach a river.

5. The kitchen has a four-stove burner and a large oven.

6. Even though the bathroom is quite small, it has a big shower.

7. There is a table where four people can sit.

8. There's a window with a roller shade for privacy and to stop too much light from entering the tiny house

9. The stairs have a wooden railing.

10.The loft has a glass panel to allow people to see the outside views.

11. Apart from the houses, visitors can also enjoy freezing cold baths.

12. The house is about twenty minutes from Quebec.

13. The house is where the man's friend lives all year round.

14. The houses were built less than a year ago by the owners.

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