Confusing words Make or do?


Here are two words that are typically confused because in Spanish they are often translated to ‘hacer’ or ‘tomar’. Here are some tips.


Usually when we use a verb that means to elaborate or create something, but there are also quite a few collocations.

Make food/drink = prepare

Make the beds = tidy them up after sleeping in them.

Make friends = meet people you like.

Make a decision = decide between one thing or another.

Make a noise

Make a mess

Make a mistake

Make a donation


Do the washing up/the dishes, cleaning, shopping, cooking etc. We usually use ‘do’ for housework, especially when we use a noun that ends in -ing.

Do sport

Do homework

Do somebody a favour

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Make or do?

Choose the best option

Activity by Serena

I'll have to ____ the shopping this afternoon.

Shall I ____ the dishes? (wash them)

You ______ sport, don't you?

She always _____ a donation to charity.

Wait a minute! I'll ____ you a cup of tea. 

Could you __ me a favour? I need some silence. 

My mother always ____ the beds before she went to work, but I think my children should ____ this because they are teenagers.

My brother ____the most delicious recipes! 

I'm angry because I ____ quite a lot of mistakes in my test.

I think I've _____ quite a mess. 

Why don't you stop ____such a noise? I'm trying to study. 

I have to _____ my homework before going out. 

Jane always found it easy to meet people and ___ new friends.

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