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Make or do?

Created by blogdeserena

Make or do?

Choose the best option

Activity by Serena

Jane always found it easy to meet people and ___ new friends.

My brother ____the most delicious recipes! 

I'm angry because I ____ quite a lot of mistakes in my test.

Could you __ me a favour? I need some silence. 

She always _____ a donation to charity.

You ______ sport, don't you?

I think I've _____ quite a mess. 

Shall I ____ the dishes? (wash them)

I have to _____ my homework before going out. 

Wait a minute! I'll ____ you a cup of tea. 

I'll have to ____ the shopping this afternoon.

My mother always ____ the beds before she went to work, but I think my children should ____ this because they are teenagers.

Why don't you stop ____such a noise? I'm trying to study. 

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