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Multiple choice cloze: Too Many Touts Control Tickets

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Multiple choice cloze Too Many Touts Control Tickets

Read the text and the best option from the menu.

Activity by Serena

Adapted from Euroweekly

Many people in Spain feel that it is totally wrong that 'tickets touts' obtain large numbers of concert tickets and sell them at 1).... prices. In fact it is illegal for tickets to be sold on the streets at higher prices, but owners of websites appear to be protected from the threat of 2) .... This is mainly due to that the 1982 law didn't envisage the 3) ....of the internet.  The Anti-Rebellion Alliance, spearheaded by singer and musician Alejandro Sanz wants to see the law changed to take into 4) .... sale through websites.  In this way, a 5) .... price will be  set  for any ticket offered for sale by a third party. One of the problems is that these 'internet touts' 6) ....on purchasing large numbers for tickets for concerts which they believe will be popular  and the artists want to see their 7) .... pay the correct price to see their favourite performers. Profits for the re-sellers can be greater than those earned by the promoter and artists, but the problem has been partially resolved by legislation in Britain and France so the Alliance wants Spain to 8) .... suit.









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