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C1/C2 Expressions using ‘brain, mind, head and wits

Here’s a quiz with words that are commonly found confusing, but not only have different meanings associated but also collocations. Sometimes an easy explanation can be made by saying that ‘mind’ is more related to thought or a thinking process such as making a decision (make up your mind), where brain is more related to intellect or the physical matter that we have in our head. Head is usually the solid thing (that nearly all of us) has just above our necks and we usually refer to its shape or size (a big-headed football player). And wit is usually associated to the ability to think or speak in a clever way, although it’s also sometimes used to speak about somebody’s emotional state. But even when this seems quite straightforward, there are many situations where the use is not really clear cut and it can get a bit challenging. A good way to get your head around these collocations and different uses of English words is to read, and read and read. In this way, without even realising it, you’ll know what sounds right and what sounds awkward. In any case, here’s a quiz with these words.

See how it goes.

Created by blogdeserena

C1/C2 Expressions using brain, head, mind and wits

Here you have a vocabulary quiz with collocations that use these words. Choose the best option regarding the usage.

It's a long quiz, so make sure you have enough time.


Quiz by Serena

The victim suffered severe ___ damage.

Pete paused and gathered his ____

Stop picking on my ___! You'll find all the information on the internet.

She was at her _______ end wondering how she was going to manage the situation.

I really recommend reading this book full of ____ and wisdom.

 I really wish you'd use your ___ before making decisions.

 The winner reached the line by a short _____.

 Sally tossed her _____ and walked off in a real huff.

I'll knock your ____ together if you don't stop squabbling!

He basically lived by his ____.

No matter how much I rack my ____, I can't remember his name.

She's the ____ of the family. She's always been so intelligent.

He was in a disturbed state of ____.

The game was a long battle of ___

 She's in two ____ about going to the party.

 Keep your ____ on your work!

Avoid the boss. He's like a bear with a sore ____ this morning.

I've been beating my ___ out all morning trying to understand this text Medina wrote! It's absolutely gobbledegook!

The album was the ____child of M. Garcia.

 I can't get that tune out of my ____.

My grandmother had a lively and enquiring _____.

I was scared out of my ____.

When I saw the exam questions my ____ just went blank. I couln't remember anything.

You must be careful. He has eyes at the back of his _____.

You must have been out of your ____ when you married him!

 Bear in ___ that you'll have to stay during the whole weekend.

____ or tails? Come on I'll toss a coin.

This is a chance to pit your ___ against our champion.

Chick lit has been dismissed as _____ candy.

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