Listening A2: Sport in Britain

Here’s a listening activity for pre-intermediat students. The video is from Long Nguyen’s Youtube channel and has been adapted for education purposes.

Created by blogdeserena

A1-A2 Listening Sports in Britain

Credits. The video is from Youtube Long Nguyen and has been used for educational purpose.
The video is from Windows on Britain

First read the questions carefully.

Activity by Serena

  1. The favourite sport of the British is ... 

2) All tennis players would like to win ...

3) Which of these sentences IS NOT true? 

4) What does the speaker say about cycling? 

5) What does the video say about walking? 

6) Which statement is true? 

7) Some people do aerobics because they ... 

8) Which statement IS NOT true? 

9) Real tennis... 

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