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C1/C2 Vocabulary quiz for astronomy and the universe

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C1-C2 Vocabulary quiz for astronomy and the universe

Read the description and fill in the gap with a suitable word. You have the first letter as a clue.


Quiz by Serena

The whole universe. First letter C

A small piece of rock or metal that is moving through space. First letter M

The circle that something moves in when it is going around the Earth, the Sun etc. First letter O

An adjective meaning that the sky has a lot of stars. Firs letter S

One of the large groups of stars that make up the universe. First letter G

Two words form the name of this. The pale white band of stars that can be seen across the sky at night. First letter M (as it is a proper name, use the correct capitalization)

A group of stars that has a name. First letter C

An area in outer space into which everything near it, including light, is pulled. Two words. First letter B

snow covered mountain under starry night
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Pexels.com

Two words. A type of pollution that comes from light. First letter L

The force that makes objects fall to the ground. First letter G

An adjective that refers to a curved shape that is wider in the middle and pointed at the ends. We usually collocate this word with moon. Clue: A _______ moon.

Adjective. Relating to the sky or heaven. First letter C

The mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth or another planet. First letter A

Two words. A piece of rock or metal from space that burns brightly as it falls towards the Earth. First letter S

Two words. The distance that light travels in one year (about 9,460,000,000,000 kilometres), used for measuring distances between stars. First letter L

Adjective. Relating to the planets. First letter P

A special building from which scientists watch the sky. First letter O

An adjective meaning in or from a place that is not the Earth. First letter E

Adjective, Relating to space or the universe. First letter C

A phenomenon where the sun or the moon cannot be seen. First letter E

A layer of gases around the Earth that stops harmful radiation from the Sun from reaching the Earth. First letter O _____ layer

A large object made of rock that moves around in space. First letter A

A very bright object in the sky like a star with a tail. First letter C

The scientific study of stars and planets. First letter A

A natural object such as a moon that moves around a planet. Can also be an electronic device that is sent into space. First letter S


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