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English idiom The Proof is in the Pudding

Mmmmm only five days to Christmas Day and we’ll be eating up some Christmas pudding! I know, all my Spanish friends think it’s absolutely revolting (they don’t say so, but I can read it on their faces :-). Oooops! That would be a translation from Spanish. In English it’s more common to say ‘They’ve got it written all over their faces.’ ), but I suppose you have to be a little bit British to get used to that very rich fruity taste mixed with brandy butter. Mind you, you can only have a very small helping because it’s extremely filling, especially when you are already having problems with what you had on your dish for lunch.

The idiom I’m posting today uses the word pudding, although it doesn’t necessarily refer to Christmas pudding as this word in British English refers to the sweet dish eaten at the end of a meal – Think about Pink Floyd’s song The Wall, when towards the end of the song you can hear somebody saying ‘If you don’t eat your meat, you won’t get any pudding’.

Why I decided to include Doom as part of the video, is even a mystery to me. Maybe I was sort of nostalgic for the hours I used to play this video game. I don’t know, the human mind sometimes has some strange workings!!!!

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